Cristiano Ronaldo – Finished or out of form?


After Portugal played against Spain in UEFA Nations League, every football page posted that Cristiano Ronaldo is finished. Ronaldo’s fans are expressing sorrow; on the other hand, his haters are criticizing him and mocking his fans about his recent performances. There is no doubt that Ronaldo’s performance has not been up to the mark but is it fair to say that Ronaldo is finished?

He is barely playing for Manchester United and some bad matches cannot decide if a player is finished. What if a player like Griezmann or Lukaku scores a hat trick, people will post that they have made a comeback and now they will perform well and things like that but no one is saying that their career has finished and they cannot deliver now because they are not 37 years old. The situation is just like what Toni Kroos said after the 2019 season “A bad season is normal but winning the Champions League three times in a row is not“. So having a bad season is normal and the season has not been finished so we cannot judge whether he is finished or not.

Cristiano Ronaldo At Old Trafford

Cristiano Ronaldo alongside with Lionel Messi are considered as the greatest footballers to ever grace this beautiful game. After arriving at Old Trafford in 2003 Cristiano became the beast. In his time at Manchester United, he scored goals with his both feet and head, some unbelievable free kicks. Who can forget that insane famous free kick against arsenal when he silenced Clive Tyldesley after he just said “too far for Ronaldo to think about it” and the next second Cristiano scored that 40-yard banger. 

The beautiful game of football is changing day by day. In past, there was far less money and technology which is a topic for another time. Modern football is really fast. We saw Real Madrid winning the UEFA Champions League 2022, it was remarkable and nobody would believe the comebacks that they have made. They did it by playing modern football. We didn’t see any player dribbling or wasting time.

Ronaldo Skills

So in modern football possession and dribbling are not much required. Cristiano doesn’t dribble often now. His main focus is to score goals and win trophies. It seems like he doesn’t care how he is winning whether he is dribbling defenders, humiliating players with skills, or whatever. He just wants to win. 

It’s not the first time he is going through a rough patch. We saw people trolling him many times but every time he came on top by winning more and more trophies. Now that he is 37 years old so people are doubting that the age is getting the better of him. But they forget one thing, Ronaldo loves to play football and he is doing everything he can to stay fit and play it. 

Well, only time can tell whether Cristiano Ronaldo is finished or not. But as a football fan, I would like to see him shine again. With all the transfer drama he faced and the first time in many years not been able to play UEFA Champions League, there can be countless reasons for him not being able to play as well as he used to. That does not mean he is finished. Let’s hope that he makes a comeback and gives us all a chance to shout Suiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

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