Mbappe Decided to leave PSG?


Some rumors are speculating that Mbappe is not happy at PSG and has decided to leave. Until last year Mbappe was considered one of the best footballers, everybody was talking about him. It was believed as a possible replacement for Ronaldo at Real Madrid. But things didn’t go as smoothly as the football world imagined. From being a hero in Paris, he gets booed whenever he touches the ball, even when he scores. Some of his teammates don’t celebrate with him. So he is going through some bad times. 

Before starting his professional career in football, Mbappe’s room pictures got viral where he had Real Madrid players posters in his room. In an interview, he said Cristiano Ronaldo is his idol and his dream is to play at Real Madrid. Madridistas fall in love with that boy from France. Since then Real Madrid fans wanted to see him at the club and fulfill his dreams. 

in Monaco Senior team

His first season in Monaco Senior team was one of the best seasons a footballer can have. He was phenomenal in UEFA Champions League and that was the last time other football teams feared Monaco. Mbappe teamed up with Radamel Falcao to bring glory to Monaco. Although everybody knew that he would not stay in Monaco for long. And at the end of that season, Ronaldo left Madrid and joined the Italian side Juventus. So everybody thought that Madrid will look into this guy as a replacement for Ronaldo but it didn’t happen. 

PSG Progress

PSG in that season faced defeat and their long-term goal of winning the Champions League was not achieved. They started to bring the best talents to Paris and try again the next season. So they took the opportunity and offered Mbappe a contract As there was no interest shown from Madrid or what so ever Mbappe joined PSG and teamed up with Neymar and Cavani. That decision of Mbappe was roasted as everyone thought he joined the club for money and now he will be a shadow of Neymar. But the opposite happened, Mbappe became one of the best footballers to ever play for PSG. Cavani left for Manchester United and Neymar was getting injured regularly.

He single handed took PSG to win trophies. But still, PSG was unable to win the Champions League despite having the best team in the world. At the same time, Madrid brought Hazard from Chelsea to replace Ronaldo. But due to injuries, he became a bench warmer. So Real Madrid was looking for a regular left winger, and they decided to go for Vinicius Jr who became a phenomenal winger. But still, without Karim Benzema, Real Madrid was struggling in forwards. So Real Madrid officials were looking to bring Mbappe. It looked like Mbappe’s childhood dream was about to come true. Everybody was excited and thought his arrival will be the last piece of the puzzle and Real Madrid will be once again become the most feared team in the world. 

Mbappe to Madrid

Bringing Mbappe to Madrid was way more difficult than everybody thought. Real offered 200 million euros to PSG but still they refused. Even at that time, PSG had Neymar and Messi. Still, they knew that Mbappe is the one who can bring Champions League glory. However, Madrid didn’t make a bid again and waited for his contract to expire so that they can sign him free in the summer of 2022. Mbappe stayed at PSG and Vinicius Jr became the regular name in the first team. When Mbappe’s contract expired in the summer of 2022, Real Madrid again try to sign him.

PSG offered Mbappe even more money and make him a key member of the club in making future decisions. Mbappe decided to stay in Paris Saint-German and refuse a lifetime opportunity to sign for his dream club. Madridistas were furious and disappointed and now they never want real to bring him to the club. 

Start of New Season

A new season started and at the verge of the FIFA World Cup and the January transfer window. There are rumors that Mbappe is not happy at PSG and decided to leave. He became an instant troll for the football world especially Real Madrid fans. So there is a lot of drama going on about his future. But Real Madrid will not consider him again. Ancelotti loves the current squad and is looking to improve them. Real Madrid is unbeaten this season so far. Top of the league table and group stages table of Champions Leagues. Let’s see what happens with Mbappe. Currently, Liverpool is very interested in bringing to the club as they are going through hard times. 

Mbappe’s story proves as some fans say that one should not give up his dreams for money and authority. So let us know what you think about where Mbappe will go.

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