Messi is returning to Barcelona?


Messi’s first season at PSG was not what everyone expected. But this season he seems happy and adapting to the team. He is really getting along with the players and staff. At the end of this season, Messi will be a free agent and Barca showed a green signal to sign him. Both Laporte and Xavi showed interest in him in their recent interviews, giving hints to Barca fans about Messi returning to Barcelona in a dream comeback. But will PSG let him go after paying him that much and still not winning the Champions League? 

In 2021

Lionel Messi left Barcelona to join PSG. Some speculations were that Messi left due to the salary issue, or low performance of the team, and some blamed Joan Laporte for all of this. But Barcelone was going straight to bankruptcy so they had to do something to save the club. The history of football has taught us that no player is bigger than a club. We have seen many great players leaving before. For instance, Cristiano Ronaldo left Madrid, and Buffon left Juventus for PSG although he came back later. So Barcelona was in no condition to afford Lionel Messi. They were also in need of new signings as there were many flaws in their team. So it happened and Messi left Barcelona in August 2021 after an emotional and heartbreaking conference. 

Since then Barca has done many changes to the club. They brought back Xavi as their new manager and sign some quality players. The last transfer window of Barcelona is quite impressive. What is more impressive is that Barca signed all these players a task that seemed impossible when they announced the players as all thought that Barcelona was bankrupt. 

Before Joan Laporte joined in march 2021

There were rumors that Messi is going to leave Barcelona as he and Bartomeu were not getting along very well. Clubs like PSG and Manchester City were interested in signing him but unfortunately, Laporte came and requested Messi to stay. But Lionel’s stay lasted only a season and after that Laporte had to let him go to save the club. 

As PSG can easily win the French league and cup but their long-time dream is to win The Champions League. They were close to winning it last season but Real Madrid shattered their dream by coming back from 1-0 down in the first leg. So their main reason to bring Messi to PSG is still not completed. On the other hand, Barca is doing good this season they are on top of the league table. However, they are not that much impressive in UEFA Champions League. The real question is whether they need Leo Messi or not. 

Messi is a playmaker and not a single team has a better playmaker than him so yes Barca still needs him. After the stability of financial issues, Barca also affords him. Lionel Messi’s love for Barcelona is something nobody can deny. However, would he like the idea of returning back to Barcelona, only time will tell where Lionel Messi ends up. It will be his decision after all he knows what is best for him and where he can achieve more as he is not on vacation in PSG for 2 seasons and after that he will join Barca again. Moreover, there was some drama between him and Laporte about his departure, so we don’t know what will happen, but if he returns to Barcelona, it will be a great treat for Barca fans.

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