Ronaldo Could sign for Chelsea in January


A lot of drama happened during the summer transfer window of 2022. The most tending was Cristiano Ronaldo trying to play in the champions league. Cristiano himself posted that media lies and that he is happy in Manchester United but we all know that he surely misses Champions League. There were many rumors about his transfer and was linked with many clubs. Ronaldo was linked with Atletico, Bayern, and Chelsea. As Lewandowski was leaving Bayern so it was rumored that Bayern will sign Ronaldo as a replacement for Lewandowski.

Chelsea seemed a comfortable place for Ronaldo to continue playing regularly in UEFA Champions League as Manchester United failed to finish in the top four last season. People were accusing Cristiano that he is not loyal to the red devils but the point where Cristiano is he has got no time to be a part of a team that cannot perform on a certain level to win trophies. United is going through a rough patch. But Cristiano is already 37 years old, who knows how much more gas he has in his legs? 

Why Chelsea

Bayern and Atletico were pretty clear that they don’t want Cristiano may be due to his age or maybe the fact that Cristiano haunted these teams in his Madrid days. So it was quite clear that Cristiano will join Chelsea. Chelsea was also in need of a striker because Timo Werner was on the transfer list after not being able to impress. The German striker also wanted to leave the club and he left for Leipzig. Chelsea signed Raheem Sterling but he plays as a winger and cannot be a center forward. So Chelsea also needed a center forward, Ronaldo can play very well as forward so this move was looking good.

Chelsea’s new owner needed results and he trusted Tuchel to do whatever he wants. Tuchel didn’t want Cristiano due to his age. And it made many football fans wonder that if Tuchel would’ve signed Cristiano maybe he would’ve been Chelsea’s manager right now. Chelsea and Tuchel failed to impress the owner of Chelsea Tod Boehly and he sacked Tuchel. 

New Manager

Now Graham Potter has the same deal but Boehly means business so he has to produce good results. Chelsea tried to solve their problem with Aubameyang, who hasn’t been remarkable so far. They are better now but not the best so maybe in January 2023 transfer window, they will sign Ronaldo. It is just a rumor but maybe Cristiano will go to Chelsea because of lacking playtime in Manchester United. Also due to some recent issues with Erik Ten Hag and Manchester United Board.

Chelsea has a good defense and a mind-blowing midfield with Kante, Jorginho, Kovacic, and Mount. But they lack in attack so maybe Cristiano will be the last missing piece of the puzzle they need because when we see this Chelsea play it doesn’t seem like they won the Champions League couple of years ago. Chelsea has always been a team that will end in the top 4 but they never fight for top spot. Maybe they lack ambition which Ronaldo is full of so they need a player like him to boost their confidence.

Ronaldo’s form

Cristiano Ronaldo may be not the player he was but his goal-scoring ability is still the same. He can perform for the next some years he is healthy and can play a full match without getting tired. At 37 he may sprint from one goalpost to another for the counterattack several times in a match, aging like a fine wine. So his age should not be a problem. Ronaldo’s agent Jorge Mendes is currently in talks with many clubs to look for the best option for him. Let’s see what happens to him in the future but it will be a delight for Chelsea fans to have him. 

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