Why Pique Retired From Football Midseason?


Out of nowhere, Spanish media rumored that Gerard Pique has decided to retire from football. This news shocked the football world that a football legend is retiring from football in the mid-season just before the World Cup. There are many speculations regarding his retirement. Some said due he retired due to bad form, he doesn’t care about playing, and many more. But we all know that he loved Barcelona and he is a Barca legend. 

His Football Career

He was one of the most promising students of La Masia. But before playing for Barcelona he went to Manchester United in 2004. He went on loan to Zaragoza. Coming back to United he played alongside Cristiano Ronaldo and won a Champions League trophy. He came back to Barcelona in 2008 and won another Champions League trophy under Pep Guardiola. Then he never left Barca and gave his whole game there. He also won the 2010 WorldCup and 2012 Euro Cup with the Spanish International team. 

More than a Footballer

Gerard Pique decided to retire now but he was more than a footballer. He is an entrepreneur, a communicator, a club owner, a Davis Cup boss, a promoter of the balloon world cup, and a poker player. We all know his presence on Twitter and the ways he used to stand to defend his club against rival clubs, so that too counts as a job. But he didn’t rely on football for money. That is clear because his father was a businessman and he is a good businessman too. 

Gerard Pique’s Retirement Drama

Pique told on social media that he will leave or retire if Barca needs him to go. And we all know financially Barca is not stable and they need funds. He helped Barca so much by cutting his wages but still, it was not enough for them to come out of this financial instability. And by terminating his contract he enable them to save those 30-40 million that they owed him. So it is another great deed that he is doing for Barcelona. But Leaving a club in the middle of a season is not understandable. He is not Xavi’s first choice in the team but still, he is a good defender.  And now Barca is a defender short for the rest of the season. 

Pique will be always remembered as a player who stood against all odds and defended his club. He surely loves Barcelona and he did everything he could to make them one of the best clubs in the world. He was not a defender who tackles and loves one on one duels. But he was a player who will take the whole defense of the team together. You will always see him talking on the field. He was surely a leader and after Lionel Messi, the player who deserved to be the first captain was Gerard Pique. He was loved by the Catalonia people not only football fans. So it’s sad to see a player leave but a legend like Pique leaving the club hurts. 

“I will be back soon”

Pique said by saying at the Directors room that he will be back soon while giving his retirement speech. We all know that being a Barca President is one of the things that he wants to do and we would love to see him there. 

No matter what happens football world especially Barca fans will always miss Pique and will tell stories about him. 

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