11 Best Players Who are injured during World Cup


Football fans love to see their favorite players performing on the big stages like WorldCup. But this year there are a number of players who are missing the world cup due to different reasons. The world cup is not started yet but many controversies have started. The most prominent are, the Qatar bribe to host, second is the Human rights violations, and the third is LGBT controversy. Apart from that many football legends criticize the climate and timing of the World Cup. For sure it has affected the players as in mid-season they have to prepare for Worldcup and they already are playing two to three games a week. So this is a huge problem too. That is the main reason why most of the players are not able to play in the World Cup due to being injured.

Best Injured XI

Let’s see the details of the best 11 that are missing the FIFA World Cup 2022 by injuries written by some of the most experienced teams at Sporticism.


Mike Maignan – a French Footballer who was one of the best goalkeepers in the world last season will miss due to a calf injury.


The England national football team has one of the best squads. They have the ability to go all the way and win the tournament. But two promising youngsters will not be able to help their team. Ben Chilwell and Reece James both play for Chelsea and are fantastic players. But unfortunately, they will not be able to come to Qatar with the national team.

Diego Carlos was part of the Brazil squad that won gold at the Tokyo Olympics last year. But he sustained the injury in second-half stoppage time against Everton in august, which results in missing the world cup.


The 2018 World Cup winner will be looking to defend the World Cup. But the two Frenchmen that contributed a lot in 2018 will miss the world cup due to injuries. Ngolo Kante and Paul Pogba will miss due to thigh injuries.

The most successful team in the history of the Football world cup is Brazil. They have won it more than any other team. Arthur Melo will miss the world cup due to a thigh injury.

Georginio Wijnaldum of the Netherlands is also suffering from an injury and will miss the world cup. Georginio Wijnaldum has sustained a fractured tibia in his right leg.


The most heartbreaking news that came in this month was about Sadio Mane. Mane got injured in his match with Bayern Munich. The rumors were that he is going to miss the world cup but Senegal added him to the squad list leaving for Qatar. But today, it was made official by Senegal that unfortunately Sadio Mane is not recovering and will miss this year’s WorldCup.

Mane’s former teammate, Diogo Jota is also missing the world cup due to a calf injury. Portugal has a good squad but will miss his presence as he was performing really well for his club.

German International and RB Leipzig striker, Timo Werner suffered an ankle injury in the win over Shakhtar Donetsk. Unfortunately, he tore the syndesmosis ligament in his left ankle and will be out for the rest of 2022. Therefore, missing a lifetime opportunity to be in the biggest sports event on the planet.

So these were the best 11 players who are injured during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. May all these played recover quickly and start playing at their best levels. There are other players too that are still injured but are added to the squad list for Qatar. The selection of players will be judged in the world cup. Let’s hope the best team wins. 

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