Sergio Ramos is not going to World Cup!


 Sergio Ramos – The man who captained previous Ballon d’Or winners like Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema, Luka Modric, and so many legendary players will not play FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar. He is still considered one of the best defenders on the planet. He recently won the best defender of all time award at the Golden Globe Awards Dubai 2022.

Sergio Ramos is quick and gives his all for his team, he is a proper leader. Sergio did key work in marking Real Madrid as one of the best clubs in the world and now having a good season at PSG too. He is a defender who can score goals, press high and is exceptional in the air. It was shocking for football fans to not see him in Spain’s squad for World Cup 2022. Let’s see what could be the reason that a legendary player like him is not going to the World Cup.

Why Sergio Ramos is not Selected for Spain’s World Cup Squad

Luis Enrique picked a similar squad that he picked in the UEFA Nations League. The squad selection is controversial as there are unexpected exclusions and inclusions. One of the most talked about controversies is why Sergio Ramos is not included in the squad as he is doing good in the domestic league.

Spain has always been exceptional in sports whether it is football, basketball, hockey, or any other sports. They are always one to watch and fear for their opponents. They won their first FIFA world cup in 2010 which included Sergio Ramos in it. He has also won two European championships. But his name was overlooked by the manager. Luis Enrique selected Eric Garcia and Laporte ahead of Ramos.  In the beginning, Ramos got excluded due to injuries and inactivity. But now he is back from injury and looked good with PSG. He started games and was a consistent player in the playing eleven. Back then it was the right move to not select him for the Euros because he was not completely fit. But now he is in good shape and was a key defender in the so-far successful run of PSG in both Ligue 1 and the Champions League. 

Does Luis Enrique favor Barcelona Players?

Luis Enrique’s selection has always been controversial. He’s been accused of favoring Barcelona players over Real Madrid as he was a Barca Manager. But a manager has a vision and a plan with which he selects his squad. And Luis Enrique’s style is always the same as he used to be in Barca. The possession game without taking risks on long balls. So maybe Ramos doesn’t fit anymore in his plan. 

We have seen many players that are left out or ruled out by injuries to play in the world cup. Only time will tell whether what Enrique did was best for Spain or not. Maybe Spain will go all the way and win the competition. Then nobody will talk about his selection but if he fails then this will be a big controversy as he didn’t only leave Ramos but also De Gea and Tiago who are having a pretty good season so far with Manchester United and Liverpool respectively. Let’s see what happens at the World Cup. 

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