Western Hypocrisy Against Qatar & FIFA Response


The world is divided into two, it’s not for El-Classico but whether it was the right decision to let Qatar host the World Cup or not. The European countries did not take anything lightly as they trashed everybody who was in support of the decision. People accused FIFA President of bribery and some supported them due to his brave decision. But it is not clear what is happening. Recently FIFA President Gianni Infantino has come out in defense of Qatar and said that the western countries should think of their behavior for the last 3000 years and apologize for the next 3000 years. And many other things. He took his frustration out. Let’s see whether the Westerns are right or if is this all just hypocrisy. 

Let us discuss some points about the football world and Qatar.

Qatar’s Reputation

The overall reputation of Qatar is not that good when it comes to the football world. The clubs which have Qatari owners already face a lot of difficulties. We see all that almost in every transfer window. They are treated badly just because they have more money or they spend more money. As PSG and Manchester City got trolled in every transfer window. So Qatar has a reputation as a big bully who can buy anything because he has money. So whenever Qatar’s name appears next to football the first thing that comes to everybody’s mind is “Money”. Due to this reputation, many people don’t want Qatar to have any connection with football. 

The Human Rights Agenda

Western Media accused Qatar of not treating the migrant’s right way. That the migrant workers that come to Qatar for work are in bad condition and so on. We have heard the news about a lot of migrant workers who died in the last ten years. If that has happened then it is something we should all raise our voice for but it is also true that we have been seeing these kinds of tragedies since the birth of mankind where building big empires have always cost the lives of poor workers. The FIFA president said that he has been to Qatar and if the western countries should give Qatar a chance and not spread these lies. 

Prohibition on Beer and LGBTQ Comunity

Another pointed out thing is that being a Muslim country Qatar does not allow LGBTQ supporters as the other counties do. So this was also a big issue that Qatar faced. Many people came to support them and many LGBTQ supporters were against them. Qatar banned the fans from making any sexual or intimate move in public. Also for the first time, there will be no beer or alcohol allowed in public places. FIFA’s president also supported Qatar in this matter by saying that it is also banned in France but no one points to them and you can survive if you won’t drink beer for 3 hours. So FIFA has clearly lifted the veil of western hypocrisy against Qatar hosting World Cup.

World Cup 2022 is hosted by Qatar no matter what anyone does or says now. About these conspiracies, well some are right and should be pointed out like the migrant rights but with evidence. About the no alcohol and LGBTQ, well if you go somewhere as a guest you follow the host’s rules. If they are not comfortable with these things then people should avoid them. They cannot change their religion and culture for a months-long world cup. But FIFA President should also not use a harsh tone for the critics, because sometimes in such conditions people want to say something else and they end up saying the opposite. So the only explanation is that the host’s rule must be followed.

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