Potential FIFA World Cup 2022 Winner


FIFA World Cup is the biggest football competition of all time. It is the biggest and most competitive sports event in the whole world. During the month the world goes through many emotions. The fans love everything about it. Winning the world cup means you have achieved the most significant achievement and no one can question you. Like every other competition, every team is not equally balanced. Some nations have more prominent football stars and some have less famous stars.  Some have young players and some have veterans. But the journey to win the world cup is not easy. Even smaller teams can beat if they don’t let the pressure take them. All the players have to give their all and play very smart and look for the weakness of their rivals. 

We have seen many great players who are not able to win this competition. Everybody from players on the field to the staff off the field and even the crowd sitting inside the stadium all have to do their best to win this competition. Not only once but throughout the tournament. 

This year World Cup is held in Qatar which has created a lot of conspiracies and hypocrisies against Qatar but the world cup started with an amazing boost. Sporticism believes that the FIFA world cup is heading towards South America this time. Here are the 2 teams we considered as potential FIFA World Cup 2022 winner.


Brazil is a heritage of football and is like Real Madrid of the World Cup. Nobody can count them eliminated as they have won this competition most times. Brazil has a stunning depth in the squad that will play in Qatar. Even the substitutions are very quality players. They have young talents that shine all around the world during this season. Now it is in the manager’s hands what he will do with all the talent.

They have 9 strikers, yeah you read it right 9 great strikers from all over the world, Neymar from PSG, Vinicius and Rodrigo from Real Madrid, Gabriel Jesus and Martinelli from Arsenal, Richarlison from Tottenham, Raphinha from Barcelona, Antony from Manchester United and Pedro from Flamengo. In the midfield, they have Casemiro from Manchester United, Bruno Guimarães from Newcastle, and Lucas Paquetá from West Ham. And in the defense, they have Thiago Silva from Chelsea, Marquinhos from PSG, and Éder Militão from Real Madrid. Last but not least they have two of the best goalkeepers in the world, Alisson from Liverpool and Ederson from Manchester City.

This squad already looks like the best world 11. So they have a pretty good chance to win this competition.


Argentina who is the favorite for this world cup is another giant that the rivals will fear. They are in red hot form and their confidence is boosted after winning Copa America in 2021. Their captain – Lionel Messi is one of the best players in the world.

Joining Messi on the front line, Angel Di Maria from Juventus, Paulo Dybala from Roma, Julian Alvarez the young striker who can be very fruitful from Manchester City, and Lautaro Martinez – the Inter Milan star striker. In the midfield, they have Rodrigo De Paul from Atletico Madrid, Lisandro Martinez from Manchester United, and Enzo Fernandez from Benefica. Enzo is also a youngster whose potential is talked about many times. Well, the backline of Argentina is not that much impressive, they have Otamendi from Benfica, Molina from Atletico Madrid, Nicolas Tagliafico from Lyon, and Cristian Romero from Tottenham. In the goal, the number one pick would be Emiliano Martines from Aston Villa. The backline is not impressive but it might get the job done.

Why we considered Argentina as the potential world cup winner because of their team spirit and dedication. They may suffer against a side like Brazil but the other teams should fear them.

These are the two best squads that will play in Qatar but it doesn’t mean the other teams will give them what they want. Every team came to play and there are also quality players in every other team so the team who will perform well on the field could win no matter whether they have a legendary squad or not. May the best team win.

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