Qatar VS Ecuador – WC Match #1


Finally, the world cup started despite many controversies. The hosts Qatar played against Ecuador in the first game. Both are in Group A. It seemed an easy win for Ecuador. They scored twice in the first half and kept the clean sheet. Well, every game is important but this one was very important for Qatar to win as they have Senegal and Netherlands in their group and it would be nice for any of these teams to win and get 3 points. Ecuador won the points and now they have more chance of going to the next stage than Qatar. They created a few chances but were not able to go all the way and score a goal. In the second half, they were good. 

Obviously, Ecuador has a more experienced squad and they played really well. After three minutes of starting their long and hard world cup journey, they were able to reach Qatar’s goal net. The goal was disallowed but it was really a boost for them. As a result, they won the game later. They knew they could beat Qatar now. This moment put pressure on Qatar. As they were not good defensively.

New Record

It was the first time ever the hosts got beaten in the first world cup match. But you have got to give it to Qatar fans they really supported their team even when they were down. They were chanting like they were in some gladiator arena. It was a really good sight. 

Player of the Match

Enner Valencia scored the brace. He got injured afterward we hope it’s just a minor injury and he will continue playing. He was the king of the match today. Scored a penalty and a fabulous header. Qatar had 5 shots from which none of them was on target. After taking the lead Ecuador really played a calm game. They were good with and without the ball. Played casually until the last whistle. Qatar did give them some worrying moments but they came out on top. 

Both teams are not potential world cup winners. Group A has Senegal and Netherlands. They will be tuff to beat for both these teams. However, anything can happen in the world cup. It was a good atmosphere. Things look really good in Qatar right now. Best wishes to Ecuador. May Qatar learn from their mistakes and do better in other games. 

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