England VS Iran – WC Match #2


The first match of group B was between England and Iran. It was the second game of the FIFA world cup 2022 after the opening match between Qatar and Ecuador. It came out as a pretty one-sided competition even after Iran’s recent good form. England made some statements by scoring 6 goals. Iran was not impressed with and without the ball. They were clueless about what is hitting them.

Things were not good for Iran. They struggled after half an hour. But still, they were trying to find something. They fight the lost battle till the last minute. It is really difficult to carry on when you fail minute after minute. They were not able to keep possession. Still, they scored twice, well that was the only good thing that happened to Iran. The second goal was a penalty but the first one was awesome. Gholizadeh spotted Taremi’s run and threaded the ball. Taremi made an awesome run to win over Maguire and beat Pickford with an early shot. When a team struggles this much they don’t score goals but most of them park the bus and try to stop the opponent from scoring any other goal. Well, Iran still managed to score a beautiful goal.

England’s Domination

Half an hour was enough for England to get comfortable and start the attack against Iran. It started with Bellingham’s beautiful header. Then the goals were raining. Bukayo Saka scored twice. Then we saw an amazing assist from Captain Kane, Raheem sterling finished the assist beautifully with the flick. After these goals, Raheem Sterling, Jack Grealish, and Marcus Rashford found the net. Harry Kane was very good in the first half. He was not able to score but the crosses were really impressive. 

Man of the Match

England’s domination started with the man of the match for us Jude Bellingham who made a run into the box and scored a beautiful header. Saka scored twice but was taken off the field, he may have scored a hat trick. But Jude Bellingham was so impressive. He made really good runs in his own box to defend and in Iran’s box to help England attack. He played like a modern midfielder, attacking when his team needs and defending when Iran was on top. 

In group B the other teams are USA and Wales. England made it pretty clear to everybody that they are here to take it home. Iran also made a statement that no matter what they will fight until the last minute. So Let’s see what happens and who will be the lucky teams to go to the next round. 

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