Senegal VS Netherlands – WC Match #3


Group A giants Senegal and Netherlands clashed today in an exceptional game of football. A really good game with everything. Two best-matched teams collide with each other. The game was full of excitement and could have gone anyone’s way. But the Dutch made it theirs by scoring two goals in injury time.

Senegal’s Dedication

This Senegal side shocked everybody. They played really well. In the first half, Senegal was a better side than the Netherlands. Their star player Sadio Mane is injured for this world cup, maybe the scoreline will be different with him on the field. Whether he was on or off Senegal had 15 attempted shots out of which 4 were on target so maybe Senegal missed Mane. But they really played without fear and showed that they are in Qatar to win. 

Man of the Match

Gakpo was the man of the match today. He has proved why he is one of the most wanted players in the upcoming transfer window. De Jong after missing the chance to score a goal assisted beautifully. A perfect cross in the box and Gakpo find the net with his head. Even after that goal, Senegal fought really well for 1 point. But it all ended when Depay shot early to seal the deal, Mendy tried to collect the ball but only placed it in the range of Klaassen who finds the back of the empty net. The Netherlands has a pretty good squad. The manager has a lot of options to choose from. They took the fight to the end and then seal the victory. Senegal gave them some worrying moments but they handled them well. Virgil Van Dijk was really impressive in the defense.

Senegal can still qualify if they beat Ecuador and Qatar. Ecuador beat Qatar 2-0 in the first match of the competition, so they might have an edge now. In fact, every team in Group A has a chance to qualify for the Round of 16. Let’s see who the two best teams will qualify. 

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