USA VS Wales – WC Match #4


2 of the most brilliant Group B teams collided with one another. Both teams were backed by a fully packed Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium. Really fabulous environment to play football. The match was not one-sided, both teams were rushing with adrenaline. The fans really backed their teams with everything. Even when the USA was in front it was a beautiful sight to look at the Wales Fans. The party went on and on. Gareth Bale – Wales’s football legend won the penalty in the second half and won a point for Wales and robbed two points from the USA. 

USA’s Brilliant Start

The USA started the game really well. They came close to scoring two times in the first 10 minutes. But after that Wales was also getting hang of the game and was impressed. It was a really good contest. Weah scored for the USA in the first half. Pulisic and Sargent combined really well before threading a lowball to Weah. Weah beat Hennessey and slides the ball into the net. 

Wales Comeback

After the first 10 minutes Wales was pretty good in the game they were good defensively and also with the counterattacks. But the USA scored and Bale’s squad was behind for a moment. After halftime, Wales was really trying to spoil the three points for the USA. They finally did it when the veteran skipper won and scored the penalty himself. Turner dived in the same direction, but only managed to have his fingertips touch the ball.

Even after the penalty the crowd and the teams didn’t calm down. It was the last whistle that stopped the teams. A good game of football came to an end. Both teams get a point. In the first match of Group B, England thrashed Iran by 6-2. So it can be said that England will qualify surely but the other team will be either USA or Wales. But this is the world cup and it is full of surprises, so we shouldn’t come to a conclusion.

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