Argentina VS Saudi Arabia – WC Match #5


Argentina played against Saudi Arabia, the first match of Group C of the World cup 2022. On paper, it looked like an easy win for Argentina. But they were not able to collect all three points, even though they didn’t get any as KSA surprised them big time. It was a big upset and the first in this world cup. KSA shocked the world, they played like champions. We all saw a well-prepared team following a plan beating a solid side with a lot of talented players. We saw the best game of this world cup in a match between the USA and Wales, but this match has surely overtaken them as the best game so far. It can be said that it is not upset because Saudi Arabia was not down for one moment. They played the whole game like they are well matched with this Argentina side.

It looked like an easy win for Argentina before the match but this is not the domestic league or Champion’s League. This is the World Cup anything can happen in it. Every team is capable of beating any other team. Argentina started the match really well. They had 15 shots from which only 6 were on target. They managed to win a penalty in the first half. Messi scored the penalty and everybody thinks that the hopes of KSA are now to draw the game or just not let Argentina score more goals. The offside trap of KSA worked really well. Lautaro and Messi made good runs but both were called offside. It was like whenever an Argentina player made a run he was offside.

Upsetting the Copa America Champions

Saudi made a statement today. They made it crystal clear that they are not an easy target. They will come back and haunt you even if you have one of the greatest footballers in the world on your team. Everybody expected them to lose but they knew they could and they did. It’s not every day that you see a team like that humiliating a team like Argentina. They were chasing the victory even after Messi’s penalty goal.

At the start of the second half, they scored twice and seal the day with all 3 points and now they will enjoy sitting on top of the table. They had only 3 shots, 2 were on target and both were fruitful as both were goals. Saleh Alsehri and Salem Aldawsari were the players who scored for KSA. Salem’s goal was a thing of beauty, it was the art of perfection. But you got to give it to the KSA defense. It was a show of classic old-school defending. Now they have a really good chance to qualify for the round of 16.

Man of the Match

Mohammed Al Owais was the player of the match. He was exceptional with the 5 saves. If Argentina had not been awarded the penalty, he could have kept a clean sheet. Every other moment, he was the one on top, but this was the only time he was down.

So this is the World cup. Saudi Arabia was amazing today they handled the pressure really well and put all the pressure on Argentina. That is not something anyone can say about Argentina because they were not good in the pressure-handling department. Before the World Cup, everyone was saying that Argentina has a chance to win the competition, they still do but it will not be a piece of cake.

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