Morocco VS Croatia – WC Match #9


Group F’s 1st game was held between Morocco and Croatia. It was the first match of the day after last night’s last match between France and Australia. An electric match, with players rushing with adrenaline. It was a good fixture but there was not much to split these two amazing sides. Both teams got problems inside the opponent’s box. As there were only two shots on target from both teams. 

Battle of 2 well-sided teams

Croatia looked stronger on paper they had a wonderful 1st half but the problem in the last three remained there. A classical touch was needed to score and they failed at that otherwise they played well. Morocco’s aggressive style of play made it difficult for them to score. Croatia did well to cope with Morocco counter attacks. In the first half Modric, Perisic and Vlasic did well to force the save out of Bounou. 

Morocco on the other hand played a nice game and was happy to finish the game with a point in their pocket. The Moroccans didn’t give Croatia the chance to score. As soon as they win the ball, they rushed toward the opponent’s goal. This put the pressure back on Croatia as Morrocans forced them to rush back and defend the goal. They attempted more shots than Croatia. Mazraoui’s header was pushed down. The fantastic combination of Ziyech and Hakimi to score from a free kick was also saved by Livakovic. It was a powerful shot on target Livakovic did well to punch it away otherwise Morocco could have scored on the rebound. 

man of the match

The 2018 Ballon d’Or winner and Real Madrid star midfielder – Luka Modric won the man of the match. He was probably the oldest player on the pitch but was playing like the youngest. It is right to say that he is aging like wine. 

The match ended a few seconds early than the stoppage time. when the Croatian players were looking for one last chance, they thought they have won the throw-in but the final whistle blew. 

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