Netherlands VS Ecuador – WC Match #19


Group A giant Netherlands played their second game against Ecuador. Both teams won their first games, so this was an important match for both of them to get to the top of the table. Senegal beats Qatar earlier but their hopes were alive for this match. But their hopes got crushed as neither of them win it and the final score was 1-1. It surely means that Qatar is now out of the world cup. 

Match Breakdown

May the Netherlands be a better team than Ecuador but today they were not. The Dutch may be doing well in defending their goal but their attacking play was worse. They only had two shots attempted of which only one was on target. Despite getting an early lead they were not able to defend it and also they didn’t score any other goal. They were not at their best and they were lucky that they got a point home as Ecuador was a better team today. Gakpo scored the goal after an amazing assist from Klaassen. It was the only good moment the Netherlands had. 

Ecuador did pretty well in this game too. Despite the result, they were better today. They attempted 15 shots out of which 4 were on target. The hero of the last match again shined and tied the game after the 3rd-minute goal by the Netherlands. Ecuador chased the Dutch goal. After halftime, they got what they were looking for. They did find the net before but the offside flag against Porozo saved the Netherlands. He did not touch the ball but acted in the passage of play. This moment gave confidence in Ecuador and after getting back on the pitch Enner Valencia found the net. Plata was also unlucky to hit the bar. Ecuador deserved to win but the Netherlands was fortunate enough to get a point. 

Now that Qatar has been eliminated from the group stage. Let’s see what happens in the last matches of group A. All the other three teams still have a chance to qualify but only two will. The Netherlands has beaten Senegal in the second game of the group and Ecuador is going strong too with 4 points.

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