England 0-0 USA – Debate left open


In the fourth match of group B, England played against the USA. It was a good game of football or should we say soccer. It’s a debate that is left again for the fans as the match ended 0-0. It could be more amazing if the match didn’t tie but there was nothing to separate these teams. The USA was incredible today as they played fearlessly against a talented squad like England. 

Match Breakdown

The USA took their time getting first, they let England have the possession. In the first hour, England was taking possession and was looking for opportunities. But the Americans were so organized and give England a difficult time. When the USA found the rhythm they didn’t let England settle in. They attempted 10 shots of which 1 was on target. 

England was looking to win the game and book their position in the round of 16. The USA didn’t let them. They were good with the ball but could not score against a well-organized USA team. England managed to attempt shots on target out of which 3 were on target. They are still on top of the group table. 

Man of the match

You got to give it to Christian Pulisic, he was phenomenal. He deserves the man of the match award as he leads his team well. The corners he took and some of the dangerous shots look good but England was lucky that the ball didn’t find the net. 

Now, this draw complicates things for the group. USA and Wales drew their first game, but Iran won against wales today. Let’s see what happens in the next group B matches.

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