Tunisia VS Australia – WC Match #21


Group D third match, Australia played against Tunisia. Australians won the match by scoring only one goal. Tunisia tried to tie the match but lacked quality in the final third. Australia took all the 3 points home and now has a chance to qualify for the next round. 

Match Breakdown

Tunisia started the game well. Early crosses and trying to go for the goal. But they were not good in the final third. In the 23rd minute, Australia scored and got the lead. After that despite trying their best Tunisia was not able to find the back of the net. They were good with the possession but nobody could finish the job as a quality touch was needed in the Aussie’s box. The 2nd half was better for Tunisia as they were on top of Australia all the time. Aussies are lucky that Tunisia didn’t find the score sheet. 

In their last game, Australia did score against France despite getting beaten 4-1. But that confidence helped today and they scored again in the 23rd minute. Goodwin the last-match goal scorer put in a great effort from the left flank and crosses in the middle. The ball took a deflection but falls perfectly for Duke to head it into the right corner. Australia again got a chance to double their lead but it was a wasted effort as Leckie did not connect with the ball after a good cross from Maclaren.

The third game of group d came to an end. Australia still has hopes to qualify after today’s win.

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