Ghana Puts South Korea In Trouble


South Korea and Ghana clashed in the group H 3rd match. South Korea lost the game despite scoring twice and drawing the game. But Ghana didn’t give up and sealed the deal. The world cup is getting better and better. The goals are raining and with it the atmosphere inside the stadiums becomes fantastic.

Korea was Unfortunate

The first half was devastating for South Korea as they conceded two goals and it was not looking good for them. In the second half, they scored twice to level the score. But they concede another goal. They were really good in the 2nd half. It may be bad luck that they didn’t score the goal. It was looking like they will they came close to scoring twice but somehow the ball didn’t end up behind the line. In the 58th  minute, Cho Gue-Sung scored a magnificent header to open up the scoring for Korea. Just after three minutes he found the net again and this time with even a better header. He jumped above everyone and headed the ball into the goal past the goalkeeper. They did win a corner in the very last-minute moments of the game but the Referee blew the final whistle. South Koreans protested but the game was over so there was nothing much anyone can do about it. Head coach Paulo Bento was even shown a red card for protesting and crossing the limit. After the game, they left the field furious with Ref’s decision. 

Ghana Not giving up

Ghana on the other hand had a wonderful first half. They don’t give up easily as we have seen in the last match against Portugal. They scored twice in the game. Mohammed Salisu scored in the 24th minute to give Ghana the lead. Salisu reacted well to the chaos and scored as the Koreans were in a panic. Then Mohammed Kudus scored the second goal. He scored a quality header past the goalkeeper to double Ghana’s lead.  In the 2nd half, they lost their rhythm and the Koreans find theirs so Ghana was struggling. But Mohammed Kudus’ 2nd goal came when Ghana needed it the most, as the Koreans scored twice and it was just a matter of time before they will score another his goal gave Ghana the lead back and the pressure shifted to South Korea. Ghana left the field happily as they won all three points. 

Man of the match

Mohammed Kudus deservingly won the man of the match award. He was fantastic in the first game and a hero in the 2nd. The Ajax star kid has some serious talent. He always makes a difference and stays there to help his teammates when they need him the most. 

Now Korea lost this game so they are at the bottom and ghana climbs all the way to the 2nd position. Let’s see what happens in the next matches of Group H as Koreans are in big trouble right now.

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