Germany 4-2 Costa Rica – German’s Consecutive Early Exit


Germany defeated Costa Rica by 4-2 in an amazing game of football. Germany finally finds their form but only goes back home as Japan shattered their dreams. Japan’s win against Spain left some Germans heartbroken. It’s Germany’s 2nd world cup that they are unable to qualify for the round of 16 after winning the competition in 2014.

Keylor Navas did well to stay in the race but his defense didn’t help him. Germany only scored 4 times that is because other times Navas came on top. Costa Rica did well also by scoring a goal. Tejeda equalized as he scored the after the rebound. They got their own goal as Neuer hits the Vargas attempt into his goal. They attempted 7 shots out of which 5 were on target. As they lost the game because Germany scored thrice after their own goal.

Brutal Germans

Germany was brutal today. The Germans were better than in their last two games. They made a really good comeback after falling 2-1 behind. Germany took the lead in the 10th minute of the game. Gnabry found Musiala’s cross and head the ball past Navas. In the 2nd half, Costa Rica scored. Manuel Neuer basically gave the lead on a dish to Costa Rica after his own goal. But then the substitute came and change the whole game.

Kai Havertz scored an amazing goal assisted by Fullkrug to equalize the score. Then in the last 15 minutes, he scored again to give Germany the lead. Gnabry puts a curling cross into the box and then Havertz fires the ball into the net behind Navas. Just after 4 minutes Fullkrug scored and doubled the lead. Sane assisted him pretty well. Fullkrug just had to put the ball in the open net. Germany attempted a total of 32 shots of which 11 were on target. So it was a good performance from the Germans.

Man of the match

The man of the match was Chelsea’s striker Kai Havertz without any doubt. Did well to come off the bench and make a difference. He really gave his all and did whatever he can to go to the round of 16. He looked very sad while holding the award as he was heartbroken.

Now Germany and Costa Rica both teams will go home. The other teams Spain and Japan will go to the next stage.

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