Japan Topped The Group After Beating Spain


Japan after upsetting Germany in the first game, gave another upset tonight. This time Japan beat mighty Spain to top Group E. The Japanese’s win knocked out Germany who won their game against Costa Rica. The last day in group E was full of emotions and heartbreaks. Congratulations to Japan and Spain as they will go to the next stage. 

Great start by Spain

Spain was competitive from the start of the game. They completed 1058 passes. Yes, you heard it right, 1058 passes. 12 shots were attempted and out of which 5 were on target. In the 11th minute, they took the lead with Alvaro Morata‘s third goal of the tournament. Morata the Spanish sharpshooter fires a fine header into the net of an amazing cross from Azpilicueta. Until the 48th minute, they enjoyed their lead but after that, it was all about Japan.

Japan strikes back

Japan was on the back foot from the start of the game. In the first half, they were not impressive and conceded in the 11th minute. But they turned it all around in the second half. Doan scored the equalizer. The substitute did the work as soon as he was on. After just 4 minutes Doan again created an opportunity as he find Mitoma. Mitoma did well to cut the ball back for Tanaka and Tanaka finished comfortably. Japan only managed to attempt 6 shots out of which 3 were on target. But this was enough to beat Spain and send Germany home. 

Man of the match

Tanaka won the man of the match award but the substitute Doan was the MVP of the match as he really pulled Japan out of elimination. The guy comes from the bench and put on a show for every Japan fan. 

As the group E games are now finished Germany will be heartbroken as Japan’s 2nd goal was a bit controversial some may think that the ball was out of play but it doesn’t matter anymore. Japan are through and they made a statement that they will fight no matter what. Let’s see how they do in the next stages.

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