What Happened To Women Who Went Topless In The FIFA World Cup Final


Lionel Messi finally gets his hands on his only missing trophy. Our expert panel predicted the potential world cup winners before the world cup 2022 will be heading to South America. Argentina won the World Cup and there were all kinds of festivities both in Qatar and in Buenos Aires. Many of these were wacky and edgy, for example, going topless in the middle of the Lusail Stadium stands. During the celebration of the winning goal in the FIFA World Cup Final, two Argentine women were caught topless at the Lusail Stadium in Doha, Qatar, while the attendees cheered the triumph of Lionel Scaloni’s team.

Who Are these girls?

They are @Noe.dreams1 and @Milubarbiie on Instagram, and they both call themselves “The Topless Girl”. Noe not only showed the topless moment in her stories but also in a post on the feed. She thanked her “friends, her family, and all the people of Quilmes and the southern zone” for supporting her.

Despite the fact that the voluptuous blonde’s breasts were briefly covered by a banner, there came a time when it fell a bit and the event was captured by one of the cameras that covered the meeting. Curiously, the first image of the Argentines without a shirt was seen in the official broadcast, in a general air tour of a sector of the Argentine grandstand. Later, they themselves were uploading and replicating videos of the festive moment to their Instagram accounts.

Qatar’s Law

It is worth remembering that in the Arab country it is forbidden to go topless on public roads and that, among other things, bikinis are only allowed on beaches and in hotel pools. The Qatar Tourism Authority had called before the start of the World Cup that fans respect its laws and culture. This also includes “avoid excessively revealing clothing in public.”

The official control body had also specified: “It is recommended to ensure that fans’ shoulders and knees are covered.” In the Arab state, women are prohibited from wearing “revealing attire,” such as tight-fitting or low-cut clothing.

Were they arrested?

After the appearance of the topless women in the live broadcast of the FIFA World Cup 2022 final, it was reported that the authorities of the Lusail stadium had expelled her and that she had later been detained. However, this was denied by Noe when she showed everything she did with her friend after the victory on Instagram. The girls even went topless in the vicinity of the stadium. 

So whether you agree with it or not, both women’s activities did violate Qatari law. That’s why there were growing concerns about their location. But as it turns out, they have avoided any punishment. Noe was posting additional flashing videos to Instagram and informing her admirers of her movements. She also described how they were decorated for the occasion and how the celebrations lasted in Doha after the game. According to reports, the Qatari authorities “after reviewing their social media feeds, not only did they permit the women to leave Lusail Stadium following the episode of flashing, but they didn’t even detain them after they flashed supporters outside the stadium.”

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