Mavericks Legend Dirk Nowitzki Honored with a Statue


In honor of the German star, the Mavericks unveiled a bronze statue of Dirk Nowitzki this weekend at the entrance to the American Airlines Center in Dallas. The statue was unveiled prior to Sunday’s NBA match versus the Lakers. The white bronze work, measuring more than 7 meters, represents him performing his favorite gesture. His step-back on one foot when arming his shot, which made him a player often impossible to defend.

NBA legend Dirk Nowitzki played for Dallas Mavericks all his life. Although he has retired for several years, he is still an indicator of the city. Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, who has a good relationship with him, has long promised to set up a memorial outside the American Airlines Center, the team’s home court. statue.

Previous Honors

This tribute is not the first received by the German interior in Dallas. The 2011 NBA champion already had a street in his name in front of the franchise hall in Dallas. Whereas his number, 41, was permanently retired last January.

In addition to winning the NBA title in 2011, Dirk Nowitzki, 14 times All-Star, was also the first European elected MVP of the regular season (2006-2007), and is, still today, the sixth-best marker in the history of the North American League.

Statues of other stars

Mavericks legend Dirk Nowitzki is not the only one to have a statue some other basketball stars also have theirs. Shaquille O’Neal, Magic Johnson, and Jerry West in front of the former Staples Center of the Lakers in Los Angeles, Michael Jordan in Chicago, and Wilt Chamberlain in Philadelphia.

At the base of the statue, one can read the inscription “Loyalty never fades away”.┬áThe sentence, made up of 21 letters, refers to the loyalty of the German. He will be known for only one franchise in 21 years of his career in NBA, before retiring in 2019.

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