Dani Daniels Responds To Bazid Khan’s Blunder


Test series was going on between Pakistan and New Zealand. The first test match was drawn and so does the second. These matches were important for both teams. That’s why there was pressure. As much pressure was on the players, it was also on the commentators. Coming under this pressure, Pakistani commentator Bazid Khan had a slip of tongue. In the second test of Pakistan and New Zealand, Bazid Khan called his commentary companion Danny Morrison by the name Dani Daniels who is an adult film actress.

What really happened

The second test was going on. Bazid Khan and Danny Morrison were doing commentary. In the first innings of the second Test match, a partnership of more than 100 runs was going on for the last wicket between Matt Henry and Ejaz Patel. Talking about this, commentator Bazid Khan called his commentary companion by the name Danny Daniels who is an adult film actress.

Dani Daniels Response

This video was tweeted by Pushkar, a Twitter user. This blunder is being widely enjoyed by Internet users. In the midst of all of these jokes, Dani Daniels also tweeted this video and provided an odd response. She wrote: ‘Put me in Coach!’

It does not happen for the first time

It is not at all unusual to see someone make a weird error in a situation that is really stressful. For instance, football star Cristiano Ronaldo appeared to claim that he had relocated to South Africa rather than Saudi Arabia, the country of his most recent team Al Nassr, in reference to his lucrative new contract.

The BBC recently made a subtitle blunder when covering the passing of Queen Elizabeth II and King Charles III. The mistake, where “vagina” was used instead of “Regina,” was discovered by Twitter users. When the king left for Buckingham Palace for his first walkabout as monarch, the BBC noticed the subtitle issue. The BBC clarified that Queen Consort Camilla is not Queen Regina while discussing her, however, the captions made a mistake.

What is a slip of the tongue?

The term “slip of the tongue” refers to speech blunders in which words are accidentally mispronounced or omitted. The most widely accepted theory in light of this is that of Freud. The father of psychoanalysis and a neurologist from Austria is Sigmund Freud. According to Freud, some of our subconscious mind’s thoughts are translated into conscious activities. These mistakes occur when you either consciously repress those thoughts or unconsciously bury them in your mind. They, therefore, appear at these times.

Former Pakistani cricketer and commentator of Pakistan, Bazid Khan must be very ashamed of calling out Dani Daniels like this. But whatever you say, this blunder has been very entertaining for fans.